No. NAH. Nooooo.

Jekyll and Hyde would be…kinda cool…but no.

COME ON, BRO. Any other ideas? People eat this twin stuff UP. We gotta up our game.

Hmm, okay… Good point.

We need something awesome AND twin-specific…


…The legendary twin monstermon?



Oh man… Mom says the audience was /huge/ that night. Well, you know, huge for Gravity Falls. I don’t blame you for not seeing them, but the way they were talking definitely made it sound like they were there. Ugh, they probably /are/ targeting your family. This is so not cool.

But, um… Dipper, hey, it’s okay. It’s… there’s no point in blaming yourself. People make mistakes. You had good intentions, dude. I don’t blame you for wanting to learn more and figure this stuff out at all. 

What matters is finding out a way to get them off your trail or to leave town. Ugh, I don’t know how we can convince them what they saw wasn’t real, though.

That’s the thing, yeah… After the zombie incident, I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to just convince them that it’s all fake stuff made for Mystery Shack publicity… It worked at first when Stan tried that, but then I went and blew that all sky high.

I know that blaming myself won’t fix anything, though… besides, they were here in town on an investigation before I even tried to get their help! They must’ve been sent here to investigate something big…

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Top three? Uh… okay hang on a second while I narrow this down…

Oh wow, Dipper.

No offense…but you’re such a nerd.

Come onnnn, top three choices!

O-okay, okay- uh… lemme just… skim here…

I’m gonna throw out some ideas, lemme know if any stick.
Let’s see, Power Transforming Mighty Rangers, Ghostsuckers, Monstermon and tamer… I’m still kinda fond of Jekyll and Hyde too.


I know! I know, I know, I thought so too, but they’re here and I’m… oh man, Dips, I’m scared!

They kept talking about how this town is special, and if we “want to do our service to this country” we’ll tell them anything and everything we know about anything strange around here, like “why a child who was capable of making an animatronic sock puppet would have it say a weird warning to her before she blew it up”.

I… were they at Mabel’s play? Because that’s what Mom said happened then, but she didn’t mention seeing any people in suits!

I-I don’t know! I didn’t see them there! …Then again, I was too focused on other things than trying to get a good view of the audience. But it makes no sense, why would they be at Mabel’s sock opera?? Unless…

Unless they’re tailing my family specifically. Man, what have I done? I should’ve known this would paint a huge target on me- I just thought… I thought they wanted to solve the same mystery that I did… I thought maybe they could help me.


The government agents are still here. They’re giving a career day speech at my school… fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.

Wait wait- they’re still here?! I thought they got eaten by zombies!

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Not to worry Mabes, I have taken the liberty of making a list of possible choices! …it’s about 20 pages, but I can edit it down a little.

…please edit it down at least a little. Going crazy with those ideas, aren’t ya bro?

What are your top three choices?

Top three? Uh… okay hang on a second while I narrow this down…

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Me and Dipper still haven’t decided on our Halloween costumes yet.

Not to worry Mabes, I have taken the liberty of making a list of possible choices! …it’s about 20 pages, but I can edit it down a little.

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((Oh man guys… sorry for being like… non-existant the past few days. x_x been working on another huge project for class. Any mutuals wanna plot?))

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Anonymous sent: Magical nacho causing you problems, huh? Last week he turned all my shampoo into blood. Took days to get it out of my hair.


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Anonymous sent: How does your tail and pants work? Like do you cut a hole in all of your pants and underwear or do you just let then sag a little to spare your pants or do you let them through the leg holes??? I'm confused???

Cut holes. Mainly because I doubt the tail will be going away anytime soon…

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Point out sad parts about my character’s story.


(Yep; pay back time! Let’s see if you’ve been paying good enough attention to make the writer cry, for a change.)


Anything but sitting in his basement dimension trying to troll kids on the internet.

Also, can you imagine Bill playing monstermon? He’d probably have a tantrum the first time he lost and try to give it nightmares.

That or he’d wind up with a whole team of bigoofs…

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Anonymous sent: I heard Wendy like soft fur ;)

Seriously, man?? I’m trying to get over my dumb crush…