Norman kept his head out the window, his hair being blown around, but he didn’t care much he knew full well it would just poof back up when they got out, “She didn’t really say.” He called to the other, “She just said she wants the house cleared out for what ever reason.”

He waited to talk much more as they crossed onto the dirt road, being bounced along - when ever Norman had to pull his head into the car to avoid getting hit with branches they hit bumps making his head slam into the roof of the vehicle.

Norman didn’t wait to push open the door and practically yank himself from the car; ending up stumbling a few feet and almost landing on his bum. He looked up at the house in front of them, giving a small nod, “Yeah - this is it… Much different then the vision she showed me though.” Norman announced, sure, ghosts normally only showed him visions of what it looked like when they where alive since well, that was the only way they saw it. “I mean, more over grown with plants.” He amended, heading to the back of the car to retrieve his stuff.

"As long as it’s the right place," Dipper mused as he reached behind his seat and pulled out their supplies, before climbing out of his car. It took a few tries slamming the car door shut for it to actually close. He normally stuffed whatever they needed into a beat-up blue and gray duffel bag… It contained things such as makeshift weapons, chalk, candles, garlic (just in case of vampires, though it sometimes worked on other things too), and an emptied-out bleach jug full of a home-made foul-smelling concoction that they’ve found could repel just about anything… They hadn’t exactly nailed down set ingredients for it, but the general consensus was that it always contained spoiled milk and pickle juice. It wasn’t the most glamorous way to get the job done, but that was the fun of having little to no budget…

He scratched behind his ear, looking the house over, before he turned his head to Norman. “Alright, let’s do this,” he said, trying to sound like a badass as usual. Of course, he only succeeded in sounding cheesy. Shouldering the bag, he carried it to the house to investigate. He couldn’t help but notice how quiet it was… he couldn’t hear any wildlife around at all, which was a bit unnerving. He headed up the crooked porch steps. They creaked beneath him, but thankfully didn’t give out. The last time something like that happened, he’d been pulling splinters out of his leg for weeks… He paused by the door, looking to make sure Norman was with him.


Norman blinked for a moment in surprise, as he took in the entirely new appearance of the teen before him. Holy shit, wow, okay, this was totally different. As in, way more different than Norman even remotely expected. With a soft flush coming to his cheeks, which then began to evolve into a brighter shade, Norman swallowed a bit hard, and smiled a tad awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck as he glanced away for a moment.

"Uhm, wow, haha… I-I guess it’s been longer, t-then, uh, t-then I thought." He stuttered out, his anxiety coming out in bursts of stuttered awkwardness.

"… O-Oh! U-Uhm, but, I uh, to make up for not being here, I, uhm… I-I made you a present. I-I mean, it’s not, you know, much, or really that fantastic, but… I-I thought you might like it." He muttered out, before quickly fumbling into the black messenger bag that hung at his side.

After a few moments of awkward rummaging, Norman then pulled out a small, leather-bound book, of both medium size and thickness. The black cover gave the book a slightly creepy look, but then again, due to the contents inside being what ‘photos’ Norman could take of his ghostly friends for the other, it was rather fitting.

The werecat tilted his head a little bit, as if trying to figure out the other boy’s change in demeanor towards him. He’d never known Norman to stutter this much… He was about to ask if he was okay, but the present distracted him. He took the black book, turning it over in his hands. “What is it…?” he asked, though he opened it, too curious to even give Norman time to answer.

At first, Dipper wasn’t entirely sure what he was looking at… but after flipping through a few pages, his eyebrows raised. It looked like blurs and blobs in otherwise uneventful photos… But in some of them, he could see the faint outline of fingers, or part of a face, or long hair trailing through the air. The werecat couldn’t help but grin a little. “You snapped photos of ghosts for me?” He asked, continuing to look through it with fascination. “Heh… thanks man. I’m kind of surprised they even showed up in these!”

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"Secret room? No, not particularly secret. Just always locked. And I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to even ask for the key." her brows furrowed as she came to the realization that what she was saying was what she felt in her heart, but didn’t know if it was indeed a fact; not just that: Pacifica didn’t have the guts to ask. Not to her parents. Whatever the reason for that may have been.

The blonde hummed an interrogation to the werecat, though she complied and gestured for him to follow once again. She walked downstairs, then down another corridor, and again down more stairs. The room was in what she judged to be one of the darkest corners of her own house, and that place always gave her an eerie, abnormal feeling even if she had never been inside before. There were but a few places in her own home that made her feel like that, and she had yet to know why. Today she would know why.

"Okay, Pines, do your thing. Whatever it is." she murmured the last part, crossing her arms and standing aside.

Dipper lowered his eyebrows. “So… You’re not even sure what’s in here…?” he asked, turning his head to look at Pacifica. Not only that, but it sounded like they both would get in trouble even for peeking inside, if her tone of voice was any indication…

Despite this, the pressure of knowing that he was running out of time forced his hand regardless. He took the President’s Key out of his pocket, sliding it into the keyhole and turning it. He wasn’t even sure how it fit, since the key seemed too big for it at first, but somehow it did, and unlocked it without any problem. He stuck the key back in his pocket quickly, hoping she wouldn’t ask too many questions about it, but knowing she probably would. “There…” he muttered as he twisted the doorknob and pulled it open without further ado.

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Norman smiled a bit. He should have figured Dipper would have immediately figured out that he’d gotten himself back into town. It’d taken quite a bit of time, with a number of ‘odd jobs’ and various money-savings finally building up to this, but yes, here he was, with his bag hanging at his side, back into the wonderfully mysterious town of Gravity Falls.

[TXT]: Yeah, actually, heh. Mind letting me in? It’s starting to get kind of chilly outside.

He then looked up at the attic window, old memories returning to him as he waved slightly, hoping that the other had saw him. God, he really had lost time of how long it’d been since he’d seen the other. Nonetheless, he didn’t expect much change. Maybe Dipper had gotten a little taller, or a slightly deeper voice, but nothing too drastic, right?

Dipper’s ears flipped back in surprise before perking up again, and he leaned closer to the window. His eyes squinted against the brightness of the sky outside as he scanned the ground below. Sure enough, Norman was outside, hanging out by the door. The older boy waved up to him. The medium had showed up once again, just as suddenly as he’d vanished before…

The werecat got out of bed, tugging on a t-shirt and his long-sleeved brown jacket on top of it. All of his clothes were a little beat-up, so he didn’t care too much about making himself presentable. He pulled on some jeans and shoes before hurrying downstairs. He paused for a moment before he finally opened the door. The brightness made him squint again. Despite having just woken up, the werecat looked like he hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in a while; he looked a little dark under the eyes. Aside from that, he was definitely taller and shaggier than he was the last time Norman had seen him.

With one hand on the doorknob, he slid the other into his pants pocket. “Hey,” he grunted tiredly.

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[TXT]: Hey, uhm… It’s me. I’m sorry I haven’t said anything in awhile, but, I have a surprise for you, to make up for it, heh. Get back to me when you can, okay?
Dipper had no idea how to react when he got a text from someone he hadn’t expected to hear from again. It’d been years… He sat up from his flopped-over position in his bed. His eyebrows furrowed and he absently scratched at the small bit of scruff on his chin as he read it.
[TXT]: You’re back in town?
It probably wasn’t the best thing to start with, but he honestly didn’t know what else to say. He sighed at his own social ineptitude and rubbed at the back of his neck, glancing out the dirty attic window.
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Morning After — Closed


"I still took my medication in a higher dose… But well, I was supposed to be asleep before changing and that wasn’t the case…" He said awkwardly, sighing a bit as he leaned against the wall, "And well - I did break through the door, and fell asleep in the hall shortly after… but um everyone’s alright."

Norman rested his arm around the other. It was sore and wouldn’t last long pinned against his body and the werecats. “If I can borrow a pair of shorts, I’ll go out and buy us some — after i get my wallet from home…” He offered, realizing the fact he had forgotten pants would make it awkward going home later on, “I mean- I’m in a more humanish shape then you are… Which I’m sure your’s will wear off with a little more sleep…” He thought aloud.

"Man…" the werecat said, closing his eyes. "I wonder if we would’ve been better off going into the forest… -Nah, scratch that… It’s better that we didn’t kill anything this time around."

His eyes opened though at the mention of shorts, and he immediately sat up, looking at his friend with surprise. “Dude- You don’t have- Wow, that goes to show how awake I am, I didn’t even notice…!” He stammered, feeling himself blush. On the bright side, he had fur on his face to cover it up for once. He climbed off the bed to go dig out a pair of shorts for his friend… There were only two clean ones left, a small reminder that he probably really should do some laundry at some point. “Sure, uh… here ya go,” he said, grabbing one and tossing them Norman’s way. After all, it wasn’t the first time that one had to borrow the other’s clothes after a full moon, and probably wouldn’t be the last…


"Sh - Shoosh ~ We’ll continue talking at dinner." She said kindly, turning from the werecat to finish preparing the food. She still pondered why she felt a deep loathing of the being, what made him different from the others? — Oh, it didn’t matter, he would be a meal once she lured him in and that was that.

Before long after Dipper had taken his seat she came out, placing the turkey on the middle risen part of the table, the train tracks surrounding it which would hold the gravy train. Upon taking her seat she folded her hands, placing her elbows on side of her plate looking at the werecat.

"Dig in Dipper, eat as much as you like." She said warmly, waiting for him to begin, "Are you thirsty?"

Dipper’s pupils grew large as he beheld the huge amount of food in front of him, and he swallowed to prevent himself from drooling. He had noticed the train tracks earlier, but now that he knew it was for a literal gravy train, it did get a small chuckle out of him.

Glancing briefly at the other mother, he took one slice of turkey, sniffing it curiously and giving it a small taste. It was definitely real, and… extremely delicious! Figuring it was safe, just one taste was all it took for him to load up his plate. He doubted he could handle just sitting there looking at such splendor for much longer…

That, and once he dug in, he wasn’t even sure he could possibly stop! It was just that good, probably better than anything he ever remembered even having in his life! In the back of his mind, he was a little worried about this, not sure it was normal food… But it was not enough to make him stop until he’d emptied his plate. “That was great…! Thanks,” He managed, licking his lips and purring quietly. He probably ate more than he needed, though; he felt absolutely stuffed, and a little bit sluggish because of it.

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The heiress looked at his now somewhat beastly face, but judged it best not to make comments about it, aware he probably knew about it.

"It’s okay." she put her hand on his shoulder, sounding as reassuring as she could, though still with a serious, determined face "You’re safe with me." that was all Pacifica could give him so far: reassurance, but hopefully it was enough for the time being.

She crossed her arms and closed her eyes shut, trying to think. No windows, no escape. Empty Vault. Somewhere he won’t hurt anyone. Anything would go as long as it contained him…

"Come here and help me look through some stuff." she gestured for him to follow and went upstairs, not looking back to him, getting a little jumpy already. A left, down the corridor, where her parents’ room was; that was where she headed. The basement that she didn’t remember ever seeing open unlocked. Pacifica had already looked and looked and looked, but that was the one place she didn’t dare go.

She creaked the door open and entered while her eyes already scanned the place for the key, but obviously it wouldn’t be that easy…

"We’re looking for a key. I don’t know what it looks like, but imagine the key to somewhere that’s always locked." she whispered as a reflex, already looking through drawers and shelves.

Dipper’s ears twitched a little under his hat as he followed her. There was definitely an air of caution in how they made their way upstairs… Was she doing something she wasn’t allowed to do? It became more clear when she asked him to help her find a key. “We’re looking for a key to a… secret room?” He questioned, lifting up her parents’ mattress with a strange amount of ease and peeking beneath it.

They searched, and he felt increasingly nervous. If her parents came back and caught them… Something occurred to him though, making him stop and facepalm. “Wait, wait- Pacifica, just take me to the lock,” he said. “I know, sounds weird going without finding the key and all, but… Trust me on this one.”
He reached into his pocket, his fingers curling around and old fancy-looking key. A part of him was hesitant to reveal the President’s Key to anyone, knowing darn well how bad it could be in the wrong hands, but…  Worse things could happen if he didn’t lock himself up soon.

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Morning After — Closed


Norman made his way to the bed across from the other, climbing up onto it going in a circle before sitting down on it, not thinking much of the action - he often did it when he was alone any way,-

Norman rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, “Well - The full moon kicked in a little early last night for me…” He said with a small sigh, “So half my rooms in shreds…” He paused a bit to rub his jaw, talking hurt, not talking hurt. “Um - I’m doing okay guess… My mouth hurts. - My tongues a little to long… and I look really bad so… Um, yeah…” He felt a little awkward talking about himself like this.

"Uh- How was your night..? Better I hope." He questioned, not asking how he was doing, he could see it clear as day.

Dipper sat up straight, his tail puffing up slightly. “You were in your room last night?!” He asked incredulously, his voice almost cracking a little. “How did you not bust down your door?? Is everyone okay? Dude, I spent the entire night slamming myself against the walls and doors… I clawed them up real bad, and that was a fairly sturdy basement…” He breathed out, sliding his fingers through his hair anxiously before letting his bangs fall back down.

"I hear ya about the mouth thing, though. I felt- heck, STILL feel like I’m teething all over again…" He grumped.

Crossing his arms, the werecat flopped unceremoniously down against his friend. “Really wish we had ice cream,” he mumbled.


Celeste was still kind of depressed about the situation, but nevertheless she helped complete the chamber, albeit with a deep frown. She did smile a bit at the cube, but resumed frowning quickly when she saw the turrets shoot. “WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE?!” she shreiked, stepping closer to the door from which they’d entered. Dipper seemed to manage pretty well, but it seemed there was only one cube. Fortunately, there was a thin pane of bulletproof glass in the room’s center. It seemed to be a puzzle in which one player did the grunt work and another figured out a way to get over to the exit safely, which annoyed her slightly. There was a portal surface on the wall to her sides, but she’d have to step out from behind the shield to use it. Drawing in a deep, shaky breath, she peeked carefully out from behind the glass and shot a red portal over at a surface near the exit, and a yellow one to her left. She felt really bad about dumping her problems on Dipper, she just needed to vent a bit and shoving him in the middle of it made her feel worse.

Getting into a running position, she sprinted for the portal. Celeste gritted her teeth as bullets grazed her, crying out as a bullet hit her left arm. They were more projectile pellets than bullets, shot at very high speeds to sting, burn, disable, and break skin and blood vessels, but not specifically to kill. Her jumpsuit had a hole in the sleeve, and the bullet had broken skin. Pink muscle showed through the crimson blood, and she assessed the damage once they’d both arrived at the exit. “Fuck…” Celeste said. It burned like gold touching her, but while gold drew blood, this drew blood AND tore a bit of muscle.

Arriving at the elevator, they found it going back along the route to GLaDOS’s chamber. A mechanical claw grabbed them and deposited them into cages like Twilight’s. Celeste gritted her teeth and winced as the claw grabbed her arms. “Oh, what a shame, it seems one of you has had a little injury…” GLaDOS said, her face plates shifting to a smug expression.

"Let them go. NOW, Dawn." Celeste snarled, glaring at her former sister.

"But why would I let you go? I’ve learned not to let test subjects go loose. I have all of the experience of the original under my metaphorical belt. Besides, I have a better idea." A needle full of red serum rose out of the floor attached to a robotic arm. "One of you has to volunteer to be a werecat, or all three of you will be injected."

Celeste shook her head to Twilight. It was either her or Dipper. Sure, he wasn’t exactly that much better off without his werecat abilities but she’d still prefer it be her. “Let my sister go and we’ll discuss it then.” she said defiantly.

"Fine." Twilight’s needle retracted into the floor. Two left. "What do you say, Blue? Both of you or one of you? It’s your choice." Celeste didn’t respond.

When Dipper saw Celeste go for the pane of bulletproof glass, his eyes widened in horror when he realized what she was about to do. “Wait, stop, there’s another-!” He called out to her, but it was too late. The bullets sprayed forth and he winced and automatically covered his eyes, breaking out in a cold sweat at the sound of her screaming. When he gathered the courage to look again, he was relieved to see she survived, but there was no time to celebrate. With this test chamber cleared, they were whisked unexpectedly back to the central AI area.

He chewed his lip when faced with such a difficult decision, glancing back at Celeste. She was wounded… Werecats did heal faster, but in this case it wouldn’t be fast enough to be useful. From what he could tell, something like that would take at least a week… Not only that, but after being one, he knew how painful and difficult to control it was… He couldn’t, with any good conscience, wish being a werecreature on anyone else.

"I’ll do it," he said, scowling, his eyes downcast. He knew he was giving up any hope of living a normal life now, but at this rate… If he didn’t, then it was questionable whether he’d even get out alive… And it was the only way he’d be strong enough to actually be useful, he mentally berated himself. After all, he was too scared to go back and help her in the last room…

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She laughed a small bit, “I’m your Other Mother darling.” She assured as if it where an everyday thing. She followed the were cats gaze to the turkey which rested on the stove, noticing the longing deep within his eyes, oh she had him that was clear. “Why not take a seat in the dining room, I’ll be right in with the rest of dinner. We can finish our conversation their.” She said in a friendly tone, turning her head to look at the boy, his wanting of food was clear in his face.

"Other mother?" Dipper said inquisitively, tilting his head just slightly. "You… don’t really look or sound like my mom, though…" He said in a skeptical tone. He had no idea what to make of this. Maybe he’d gone through a reality tear and this was some alternate version of his home? Although, all the others of himself that he’d met looked unmistakably like him, despite all their differences. Also, how would she be aware that he wasn’t this universe’s version of her son? Were other Dippers constantly wandering in here to the point where it was normal for her? It didn’t seem to make any sense…

And why did she have buttons for eyes?!

Still, despite how crazy-weird this whole situation was, and the feelings of uncanny valley she gave him, she seemed nice enough…

When it became clear that she was too busy to continue talking, he cautiously made his way to the dining room. Pausing momentarily to peek back over his shoulder, he quickly checked the chairs, the table, under the rug on the floor… He looked over everything he could, and it seemed normal enough. He wasn’t even sure what he was expecting to find. Trap doors? Surprise shackles? Either way, there was nothing of the sort here. Finally, he pulled out a chair from the table and had a seat. Maybe he was just being paranoid… This place was a bit on the surreal side, sure… but there was no real sign of danger anywhere. He breathed in slowly and let it out, relaxing his shoulders. 

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