"That’s what it felt like. I couldn’t move the entire time he had me pinned down with that thing." Tambry nodded, eyes widening slightly as the boy began reacting to the attack rather than its effects on her. This was, of course, exactly what she’d been waiting and hoping for when she’d decided to confess the truth to the child, but the changes in his physiology still caught her off guard for half a second. She recovered quickly, though, sitting up a tad more and wincing at the pain shooting through her back.

"Exactly what I was hoping you’d say. But you don’t have to do it alone, Dips. I want that psycho to regret the day he decided to mess with me because I did something about it, too.” She reached out and placed her hand on his arm, squeezing it gently and looking at him seriously. “We’re in this together, got it?”

"Y… yeah!" Tambry’s hand on his arm had brought him back down to earth, enough to realize he’d sprouted fangs in his mouth, and a small bit of fur around his neck and upper back. It was both uncomfortable and itchy, and a stinging in his palm brought his attention to his hands. Dark claws had replaced his fingernails, and he had little red dots where they’d dug into his palm from when he’d clenched his fist.

He swallowed and backed up a little bit, embarrassment washing over him. His hands automatically moved up to try and pull his hood back over his head, only for him to remember that his hoodie was gone, currently being dried out from the rain. His tail lashed nervously and he quickly lowered his hands again, hoping she hadn’t seen his attempt to hide. It wasn’t much of a secret, though… He didn’t like transforming, not even a little bit. He still wasn’t used to it, and it felt like a loss of control.

"I don’t know how we’re gonna prove it, though," he said, breathing to calm down and trying to focus back on the matter at hand, "I don’t have any cameras… And would he even show up on the film anyway?" Dipper thought about it, not really sure if that bit of mythology was true… After all, Gideon did show up on TV just fine, apparently! And in the autographed photos and other such merchandise being sold…

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((Heheh, he does indeed. XD))

((Felt like drawing a fully transformed older!wereDip. :B My headcanon&#8217;s that when he&#8217;s older, he gets better control over his beast form (at least when it isn&#8217;t the full moon) and sometimes uses it to help him investigate stuff.))

((Felt like drawing a fully transformed older!wereDip. :B My headcanon’s that when he’s older, he gets better control over his beast form (at least when it isn’t the full moon) and sometimes uses it to help him investigate stuff.))

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Watch out folks, workin on a drawing of fully transformed older!wereDip))

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Anonymous sent: tsk tsk tsk, mun... -places hand on ur shoulder- im sorry to say this but... you may just be a nerd after all



Anonymous sent: WHOA... mun your teacher assigned a 20-page report?

((Hahaha;;; see, about that

it was supposed to be like 10, but then 20 pages just sort of happened??;;;; ))

((Man, I feel like drawin more older!wereDipper…

*looks at report for school due tonight and makes sad puppy noises*))

Anonymous sent: M!A: Dipper accidentally bites whoever says his name. Last 2 days.

Hah! Nice try, anon, but nobody around here knows my actual name except for my sister, and even she doesn’t use it!

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ishiefishie sent: Hey Dips! It's been awhile since we've talked! Are you exited for season t- I mean more mystery ahead? Anything happened recently worth telling about?

Heh, sure! Always up for more mystery! Especially now that Mabel’s back here for the summer. The Mystery Twins are back in business!

Hm, recently…? Oh! I found a fairy ring the other day. I almost missed it completely, if a bird hadn’t landed in it and vanished… Apparently stepping into one of those is bad news, though, so I haven’t exactly tried that yet. Not until I’m sure I could get back out! 

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((If you don’t want to make one, you could always send anon asks and stuff! .w. I still answer those!))


"Doctor Bill seemed so nice, though…" Mabel started then sighed, realizing her twin was probably right. "How are we gonna escape? We don’t even have a plan." She glanced over her shoulder then lowered her voice and turned her attention back to Dipper. "And once we do get outta this place…are we even gonna know how to take care of ourselves on our own?"

Dipper huffed out a breath. Admittedly, Cipher wasn’t really mean or anything, whereas other researchers had lost their patience with the stubborn werecat. Still, nice or not, Cipher had a tendency to get carried away with his research, and some of his experiments were still plenty painful and embarrassing. “He’s not the worst,” Dipper relented. And, well, it was true. Bill wasn’t the one who’d tried to force him to transform…

"Leave the planning to me… I’ve already tried several times to get out, and it’s almost worked! Stan kept bringing me back, though… If I could just find a way around him, we’d be all set." His eyes turned down in thought. "And… we’ll find a way to make it on our own. Maybe we could prepare for it while we’re still here! Or maybe…" He backed off a little bit, rubbing at his neck. "Maybe we could get the word out about the corruption in this place. Might change things for the better, so even if we do get sent back…"

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Tamby smiled a bit weakly and adjusted herself on the couch, shifting the pillows enough to support her new reclining position. “Hey, Dips. I’m okay. Well, you know, okay enough. My head’s not as foggy as it has been. Dad says that means I’m getting better.”

She tilted her head to rest against the back of the couch, curling up her tail and welcoming Dipper to sit beside her. An angry-looking purple bruise marred the skin of her neck, a pair of tiny circular scars barely visible amidst the discoloration. It looked far more painful than it felt right now, the worst part of the entire debacle having been the attack itself. “I’m glad you came by. There’s something else you should know.” The teenager placed a hand on her collarbone and continued, “You want to know how Gideon managed to win? He’s wearing a magical amulet. Slammed me up against a wall and everything.” One look at her back would have been more than enough to show how devastating that blow had been, the bruise a mottled mess of blues and purples and yellows that matched the horrendous siding of the mansion perfectly.

He couldn’t help but wince a little in sympathy when he saw her neck, his hand automatically sliding up to the side of his own. He breathed in through his teeth, before looking back to her face. “I’m glad to hear you’re getting better… A-and especially that he didn’t turn you! But… geez, a magical amulet? With some kind of… telekinetic powers?” His hand slid up further to drag his fingers through his hair, and he breathed out harshly. His concern was giving way to anger. That little creep, flat-out assaulting her using a magical amulet, then having her blood as a snack! His other hand clenched into a fist, his claws sliding out and pricking his palm.

"That’s it… He needs to be put to justice! I’m gonna expose him for the undead creep he is!"

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Mabel’s ears perked up then laid back against her head. “B-but…Doctor Bill said it’d keep us safe. The bracelets and collars—” She paused and glanced down at herself, looking at the fur and claws closely, before looking at her twin. “…Dipper. W-we…we used to be people! What are we, now? Monsters. Even if we do happen to get outta here…where are we gonna go? Home?

We can’t go home. We wouldn’t be able to.” She shook her head. “I wish we could go back home. I wish I was back in my room, listening to music and dancing, and…” It hurt, thinking about before. "We’re stuck here."

Dipper was about to say something, but she had a point. He knew they couldn’t go back home, as much as he wanted to… Their old life might not have been perfect, but it was far better than this! “Mabel… We may have turned into monsters, but we’re still people. And…” He sighed. “We can’t go home, that’s true… but there’s gotta be someplace out there we could go! There… there might even be a cure out there! They aren’t going to help us here, Mabel, they’re more interested in keeping us trapped here and studying us.”

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Tambry shot up for a second before ducking back to hide her blushing face. She’d already smelled her friend when he walked in the door, and there was really no reason she should be so jumpy knowing it was just him in the house.

Her father shook his head slowly, raising a finger and placing his other hand on his hip. ”I can verify that she is indeed not a vampire, son. There were no foreign toxins in her system and she’s been just as happy eating eggs as she was before the attack. No bloodlust, no aversion to sunlight, and no need to find Gideon. Her physiology is entirely undamaged. It’s just her mind that’s more skittish.”

Dr. Madan sighed sadly, although there was a tiny gleam of gratitude in his eyes. It was comforting to know Tambry associated with monsters such as Dipper. It was hard for the teenager to enjoy her life at the refuge, her rebellious urges finding little escape within the confines of the gates. Yes, there were some creatures that shared her interests, but there simply weren’t all that many interesting beings she could technically call peers. Gus was her dearest friend, but he was forced to live on the other side of the refuge, his schedule constantly in flux depending on the whims of his monstrous “relative”. Dipper was one of the few so-called “Ferals” she enjoyed spending time with one a daily basis, and his visit would surely lift her spirits after coming in contact with no one but her family for such a long time.

"Go on in. She knows you’re here."

That was a relief… He didn’t know what he would do if Gideon had made Tambry his vampiric slave. Maybe he could only do it to humans? Or was completely able to choose who he wanted to turn, unlike werecreatures…

Dipper went into the living room, quietly approaching the injured naga on his padded feet. His ears flattened back with worry, his tail kept low to the ground as he peeked over the arm of the couch. “Tambry?” He asked, still keeping his voice low. “Hey… how’re you doing?”

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The bot had to work on keeping his voice steady, not allowing himself to let the mechanics grind together as he spoke. He was starting to feel - in an extent. Though only pain. Pain that his past pain was now hurting the other - And then at once he felt the other boy place his arms tightly around him, hesitant arms reaching up and wrapping themselves around the other boy.

"Please - Don’t…" He mumbled, resting his head on the others shoulder.

Dipper frowned, feeling a pang of guilt as he held the android. Was he hurting him? He was starting to heat up, and the sound of his grinding mechanics was worrying. Was he going to break down? “Norman? A-are you okay…?” He asked, looking back up at him.