"Just throwing it out there that it might’ve been a club. I mean, ‘partying’ is a pretty broad thing." she rolled her eyes "No need to throw a hissy fit." the girl went back to the room as he kept talking, sticking out the cup to the other.

He was right: he wouldn’t have fallen asleep at some random person’s couch if it wasn’t by mistake, but that didn’t make him any less dangerous. For all she knew he could plan on robbing her since, oh well, he woke up there, there’s just a defenseless girl here, why not? You could never be so sure. Pacifica didn’t know the guy.

Or that’s what she thought until he ruffled his hair, to which the heiress once again squinted.

"Wait. Wait, wait, wait." she put the cup of water down on the near coffee table. Her tone was far less aggressive then, curiosity lashing out in it instead "Lift your hair again. Let me see a thing. What did you say your name was again?"

"I never told you my-" The young man stopped and lifted an eyebrow in confusion. "My hair…?" He frowned as it clicked that she wanted to look at his birthmark. Oh geez, another person who wanted to gawk and say how weird it was? That was his first thought, but something about her change of tone threw him off. Oh man- Did she recognize him from somewhere?? The thought made him nervous; if she knew who he was, she could hold him accountable.

He leaned back, visibly uneasy. “It’s just some dumb birthmark… why? You uh, you know me from somewhere, or something?” He laughed, unable to keep a tone of anxiousness out of it.


Really? Huh. Well, maybe he could train you! I mean, we don’t really have too many places to learn that kind of stuff around here, so unless you’re willing to take a bus to the city for your lessons, you’re pretty much going to have to be self-taught or ask him.

I hope they’re gone. Let me know if you need anything as soon as you can!

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask. He’d probably agree it’s a good idea for me to be able to defend myself… The hard part is just, y’know… asking. Ugh, I know it’s dumb, but it feels kind of embarrassing?

…Yeah, looks like their car is gone! Heading back down, now. That’s a relief…

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"… Fine. Do you have your ID on you?" and rested the bat on her shoulder, walking to the kitchen just a few paces away. Luckily there was a window there. When she moved, aesthetically pleasing, now, an advantage.

"So you were partying? What club? Also how old are you anyway? You don’t seem much older than me." She picked up a glass cup from the cupboard and got some water from the refrigerator next to it. Chit chat was the one option she had. Calling the police merely for innocent trespassing would be stupid, but she would rather check if it really was all that innocent, keeping her phone in her pajama’s inner pocket and ready to call for help in case it makes itself necessary.

Starting to get frustrated at his current predicament, the werecat growled under his breath. “First of all, I wasn’t at a club. Second- Do I look like I have my ID on me?”

He turned out the pockets of his tattered pants. “See? I don’t have anything on me. All of my stuff was in my jacket, wherever that is now… And for crying out loud, I don’t have bad intentions! I mean, think about it. If I knew this wasn’t my house, why would I just fall asleep on the couch and knowingly let someone find me?” He almost pouted, huffing out an exasperated breath and running his fingers through his bangs as he tried to figure out what to do next. As he did, it momentarily revealed a very unique birthmark on his forehead…

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Great! Seriously, it’s really good to know you have a way to get in contact with people if anything bad happens. I worry about you, Dips. 

…wait, Mr Pines saved you? That’s… wow. First zombies, now crazy werecreature hunters. Who knew that old guy was such a badass?

Okay, so, I’m not exactly the most influential person or whatever, but I do get along pretty okay with Mr Corduroy. He hates it when people start trying to hunt in his logging territory, so I’m going to go ahead and tell him about these guys so he can disarm any traps he comes across. You know, assuming the hunters that are after you now have decided to use that approach. And um… maybe I can bribe Mr Determined to start taking real pictures of these guys by getting him a camera? He’s really annoying when he thinks he has a story, you know that. Maybe they’ll be so focused on trying to avoid him they’ll leave you alone till we can come up with decent solutions.

Thanks, Tambry… I hope that works. It’s worth a shot!

And yeah, Stan knows how to fight. He used to be a boxer at some point, so guy can throw a punch. Geez… Maybe if stuff like this keeps happening, I should learn to fight too. I don’t think I could keep relying on just werecreature strength, since silver could shut that right down… And the lack of control doesn’t help things either.

…Oh! I think they’re leaving now… I’m not sure I should risk peeking over the edge of the roof to see… I’ll just check to see if their car’s gone when things get quiet again.

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Oh man, I hadn’t thought about that. He does have his own show… darn, maybe they /were/ called in by the little creep. I hope not. I really really hope not.

Because if they’re not then we’re going to have to be super careful from now on. You said they came after you before, right? How did you escape them last time? Also, do you have a phone? Or, like… I don’t know, something like that Life Alert thing on commercials? Because I think you really need to be sure there’s a way someone can get to you really quickly if things start to go down. 

I have a phone! I used it all the time to call or text Mabel while we were separated… It’s kind of old, but it works.

Hunters have come after me before, yeah… Not the same guys though. Stan actually fought the first ones off, after they’d caught me in a trap and were trying to stab me to death… I’d probably be dead right now if he hadn’t found me. They set traps all over the place! It took forever to find and disarm them even after they’d left town.

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Maybe inside somewhere? Shoot I wonder if his verse has that underground passage in the shack, maybe not. Or if you really need to, take up that offer with Tambry.  Whatever you decide, just be careful, Dipper, I’m really concerned about you right now.

Underground passage? Haven’t found anything like that.

I’m not sure if I should move off the roof right now- Those guys are still inside, they could see me climbing down!

I don’t think I could be seen from here… I’ve hidden up here from Stan before, so…

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"It’s great to BE back, bro!" Mabel laughed and squeezed Dipper’s hand. "Seriously. If someone tries messing with you, you know I’m here for you. We’ll get past this, and-" Oh. She heard something. Wasn’t really sure what, but…

…”Please tell me you’ve heard that.”

Dipper froze, his ears perking up. “What…?” He heard it again, a sort of dull thump. He scooted away from the edge of the roof, laying low and trying to stay completely out of sight. “I- I think it was a car door closing…?” he said.


Take your time, Dips. I’ll leave the door unlocked if you do decide to come over, okay? There’s a small guest bedroom on the first floor and a master suite on the second, right across from my room. Both have full beds, so you and Mabes can bunk together without worrying about getting cramped muscles in the middle of the night.

And of course you haven’t caused that much trouble. Dipper, it’s not your fault there are real monsters out there who would rather kill for profit than try to help you. These people probably just heard about you from a government leak or a hunting club or whatever. Trust me, the only person in town I know who would call them is Gideon, and he’s been in prison forever. You’re fine.

Thanks, Tambry… I’ll keep that in mind if I need a place to hide for a while.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the little troll weaseled himself into getting phone privileges or something. Still, good point… I don’t think anyone in town right now knows that I’m cursed, aside from a few… but the ones who do know don’t seem like the type to want to get me killed!

So… Maybe it’s just a coincidence that the hunters ended up here? They could just be looking for leads…


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((oh man I’m so tired that I’m starting to lose focus in my vision. @H@ Probably should head to bed. G’night guys! I’ll reply tomorrow uwu))


Man, Dips, this is… I’m really worried about you. I don’t want you to get hurt at all, and I especially don’t want these guys to go after you or tell other people that you’re around here. As much as I hate the fact that the first hunters you met hurt you that badly, I actually hope these guys are the same. The less jerks who know about you, the better.

I don’t blame you for wanting to stay up there. You know, you’re free to come hang out at my place any time you like. I live a lot closer to other people than you do, and if those guys are smart, they won’t try to start anything when actually in town. You can bring Mabel, too. It’s not like we don’t have a lot of room in this house. Too much room…

Yeah… I’m not sure if Mabel and I could sneak back down unnoticed, though. Then again, I could probably climb down the side of the building… Either way, I’ll see if we could make it there. Right now I’m just trying to see when they’re going to leave, I don’t wanna risk either of us being spotted.

You don’t think there’s anyone who would’ve called them, do you? …Have I really caused that much trouble?

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"You’ve gotten out of tight spots, before. You’re still here." Mabel murmured, reaching out for his hand. It was an instinct, her wanting to grab him. To make sure he was okay. Alive. Not that she’d tell him that.

The brunette gave him a worried look, “I’m not gonna let anything happen. I’m here, and not back in Piedmont at the moment, so I can actually do something and help.

The contact did help bring him back down to earth a bit, and his shoulders visibly relaxed just a bit. He looked up from the dirty, uneven roof shingles, turning his head to look at her. He placed his hand on top of hers, offering her a grateful smile. “Thanks, Mabel… It’s great to have you back.”

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Oh man, Dips. Can’t he..I don’t know, isn’t there some safe place you can hide out at? I don’t think the roof isn’t safest. -I wish I over there-

Right now I’m sitting up here on the roof until they leave. Does that count for anything…?

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In a matter of minutes, Mabel was on the roof. She moved and took a seat beside her brother, who…seemed to be in a bit of a panic. She lowered her voice to a dull whisper.

"Dipper…? Everything’s gonna be okay! Okay? I’m sure it’s not you they’re after. And…if it is, Stan won’t let them take you. He’ll protect you as best he can, and…" She lowered her head. "I’ll try to, too."

"Who else could they be after?" Dipper groaned, "The one that bit me is long gone… And I’ve eaten livestock before on the full moon, for crying out loud. That could’ve been a motive to hire those guys!"

He hugged his arms around himself, chewing his lip. “I know… I know you guys will stand in their way, but… this isn’t the first time hunters have been in town!” He gripped his knees with his hands, taking a deep breath and letting it out. It seemed to help him a little bit, even though his tail was still thrashing with anxiety. “Is stuff like this just gonna keep happening…?”


Mr Pines can definitely show them how fake things are. The only people who really believe in the displays are tourists, and even then, I’m pretty sure they’re just playing along with…

Wait, what? They… WHAT?!

Ugh, what is WRONG with these people? Seriously, just… I wish I could have gotten a chance to hurt them myself. I mean, that’s… what kind of horrible person would think that was okay? 

I know I can’t really do much at all, but… but if I ever catch these hunters doing something that would make people run them out of town, I promise I’ll take a pic or video and make it go viral.

They were really more like poachers than anything. I still have a scar from the silver blade they jabbed at me…

I don’t know if these guys are the same or not, but I really hope they’re not. Even if they are hunters, I hope they aren’t looking for werecreatures just to make a quick buck.

…Oh right, I didn’t tell you. Apparently they’re specifically after a werecreature, from what Mabel overheard.

I am definitely not leaving this roof.

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