"Working there would definitely be better." Mabel couldn’t help but agree. "Is the gift shop/museum interesting?" She frowned, taking a step back when Dipper leaned forward. She moved the sleeve up, revealing the bracelet with the yellow light and glanced down at the ground.

"Doctor Bill said I’d need to wear it at all times. He also told me to tell you that you’re gonna be getting a bracelet like this one, too." Her ears laid perfectly flat against her head as she continued. "And apparently, we’re not allowed to be around each other when there’s a full moon. The light will turn blue when it happens…and we’ll have to separate."

"Oh…" Dipper’s ears flipped back. Great, yet another thing to track him. He didn’t even need her to mention that it was a tracking bracelet; pretty much everything in this place that they had the monsters wear tracked them in some way or another. This time, he couldn’t even remove it when at home… They REALLY wanted to make sure he wouldn’t be getting out.

The full moon was approaching pretty soon, which wasn’t helping his nerves. He sighed. “I guess that makes sense… we both won’t be in our right minds. It’s better we keep away, just in case.” He rubbed his arm, looking at her. “Mabel… I just, uh, want to tell you… If anything happens during that night, while you’re changed… I-It wouldn’t be your fault, okay? A-and hey, I’m sure they’ve planned for this. I’m just saying, if you hunt any animals or whatever…” he bit his lip. Geez, this had been difficult enough for him to deal with. It was worse for her, this would be her first full moon, while he’d changed twice already. He just wanted to make sure she’d be okay…

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"Emotionally no. Wiring does create the feeling of touch and pain to help make me appear more of a normal person." He paused for a short moment, going back over data he’d collected - or well, made, "No, I was not referring to feelings shared on a friendship stand point, a good deal more."

"Dipper, you must understand, I am going off of how I felt in the past, night terrors, to frightened to sleep, past triggering events sometimes affecting daily actions. I am making a choice it is better from both a personal and a logical standpoint. And with the fact of near hopeless feelings for other beings is eliminated, it is a bonus."



"Norman," Dipper said, moving closer, "I know you’ve been through a lot of bad things… A-and I couldn’t even begin to imagine half of it…" He put his hands on Norman’s shoulders. "But dude, you wanna get rid of all the good stuff too? The things that made you happy? Like… Like watching cheesy movies, or going out to explore the forest just for the heck of it? H-Heck, your favorite ice cream, or just those nights where you’d tell me scary stories till I’d hide in my sleeping bag?

…Norman?” His voice choked up. He couldn’t stand the thought of Norman just giving up like that, M!A or not…


Mabel took off after Dipper. It didn’t take her long to dart past him. The werewolf smirked, now running on all fours. She kept glancing over her shoulder, making sure the werecat was following. Once they reached their destination, she skidded to a halt and rolled on her back. She let out a laugh and turned to face her brother, panting slightly.

"That was fun! Really fun. Reminds me of the times when we used to race each other when we were little." Her ear flickered, and as soon as that memory flashed through her mind, it vanished, being replaced with a question. "Dipper. What exactly…do we do here?”

Dipper sat up. “Uh, well… Everyone does different things, I guess. Stan has a gift shop/museum sorta deal… So I work there during tourist hours. Mainly cleaning up and stuff, since he’s already got a maintenance guy.” Dipper shrugged, “It beats being out in the open to let tourists gawk at you, honestly… They still do, but at least there aren’t as many, and you’ll be too busy for them to coo at you like you’re a dumb animal or whatever…”

He was about to get up, when he spotted something peeking out of her sweater sleeve. Some kind of bracelet? He could’ve sworn he saw a glimpse of a yellow light… “What’s that?” he asked, leaning closer for a better look.

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Her eyes widened when he screamed; it was like her heart had shrunk, but still tried to contain the same amount of blood that it had, and she didn’t know whether it was out of worry for him, or for the possibility of someone trying to go down there to see where the noise came from. More than that was the howl that it transformed into. It sounded like something was wrong, but, then again, in that situation she had counts if something really was right.

And then silence fell. And that was even more unnerving than the scream.

"Dipper?" the girl whispered near the door after climbing what blocked it.

There was a sudden loud thud against the door, a loud snarl, and scraping claws.

Fortunately, for the time being, the beast noticed the bowl of meat near the door. He stopped clawing at the door and ate, so eagerly that he scooted the bowl along the floor as he did. The sound of the bowl scraping could be faintly heard on the other side. It helped a little, but he finished it all too quickly. He was still hungry, which was quickly made apparent by the way he slammed against the door again, roaring and clawing to get out.

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"I have run countless statistics as to all known reports of their use of magic, and my hypothesis, unprofessionally, is that they simple wish to have a little fun. From what I’ve deciphered from your complaints of the triangular dream demon, he does the same." He paused for a short moment, eyes darting around the room for a short while before fixing back on the other boy, "In many ways I would have chosen to be this android form as apposed to my original form, I do not feel pain, and any emotion can simply be deleted. As well as the possibility to go over any situation thousands of times a minute to find the best way to approach it comes as a bonus. Statistically, there is a 97% probability you would have shared past feelings that I had held."

Dipper’s ears flipped back. “Wait wait- You can’t feel anything? …Well- Okay, yeah, you’re a robot, but…” He backed up a little, frowning as he tried to figure out what Norman meant by shared feelings. “So… what, our friendship? I don’t get it- You prefer being emotionally dead?” He frowned, scratching at his cheek. “W… Well, did you stop to think that you only think that now because you’re looking at it from a completely logical standpoint?”


Mabel’s expression darkened. “Did he hurt you, Dipper?” Dipper might have been the more cautious twin, but Mabel was still a bit protective over him. She knew she couldn’t do much to help, and it made her feel awful. “Because if he did, then…”

She sighed, listening as he explained about the houses and she perked up somewhat. “Cave in a cliffside? Do you know how AWESOME that sounds?! That sounds amazing! C’mon, let’s hurry up and get there! Come onnn.” Mabel eagerly tugged Dipper’s arm, “Let’s hurry. Can we hurry?”

"…" He didn’t know how to answer. "Not him, specifically. Some other scientists tried to force me to transform though. That wasn’t fun…" he said, rubbing his arm. "I’m fine, though. Really! I escaped before they could change me all the way, heh…"

Her excitement to get there was infectious. “Yeah! ‘Course we can hurry!” He started to hurry with his sister in tow, unable to keep from laughing. Somehow along the way it turned into a friendly race, breaking out into a run. By the time they made it up the road to the big wooden doors in the side of the cliff, the werecat realized he’d naturally switched to all-fours for the speed advantage. He huffed out a tired breath, flopping on the ground and laughing. He lost, but he didn’t care. Mabel was here! It’d been a while since he’d had this much… fun!

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"Is…he that bad? Is he dangerous?" Mabel’s positive attitude was starting to diminish. Her smile vanished, her mouth moving into a tightly knit frown. She didn’t like Dipper’s tone of voice, and the fact that he seemed downright panicked.

She squeezed his hand when he grabbed it, and followed beside him quickly. “I dunno, he…didn’t seem that bad to me. Is he pretending to be nice?” Mabel scanned the area around them, quite a few unusual and strange scents filling her nose. “I’m glad I don’t have to go back for another month, though.

Really? That’s a good thing!” She stared at the houses and trailers, her ears beginning to droop. “Uh…what’s up with this? We’re supposed to live in these?

"I’m pretty sure the guy believes he’s doing us a favor," he said, frowning. "Intentions or not, he sure doesn’t seem to mind humiliating us… Or worse." He shook his head. He’d worry about Cipher later.

He followed her gaze to the houses. “This is the Feral side of town. We’re stuck here because we’re werecreatures, apparently… ‘potentially dangerous’ and all that. That, and Stan lives on the Feral side, so even if we were herbivores, we’d probably be living with him.”

He looked back at her. “But uh, his home is one of the nicer ones here at least. If you can call a cave in the cliffside nice. Uh, it does have furniture though! It’s like… a furnished cave? It’s pretty nice for what it is… if you don’t mind it being kinda dark.”

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Anonymous sent: Mun likes skyrim?! What kind of character do you have, if you don't mind my asking?? :D

((A scrawny brown-furred werewolf khajiit named Dipper because I have lost all control of my life))

((sdfgh this band-aid on my left ring finger is makin it really awkward to play WASD games… tho rampaging as a werewolf in skyrim still kinda makes it worth it.))


"Magic anons? Aw, man!" Dipper growled, tossing the DvD down on the ground. There was a brief pause before he bent down to pick it up again. "Sorry. Just- Ugh, why would they make you a robot?? You know what? Magic anons are crazier than Bill. Yeah. I said it. They make no sense!”


"Nah, I wasn’t bitten!" Mabel shook her head. "Please please don’t worry about me, bro. Okay? Look…I’m fine. Sure, I’m a werewolf, but…I’m not hurt. No injuries!” She rubbed her sleeve and blinked a couple of times when he spoke of Stan.

"Uh…nope! I mean….last thing I remember before I was chasing after that squirrel, was being in that lab with the scientist guy. Doctor Bill…I think it was? It was my first checkup. He’s a pretty decent guy…except…some of the tests…" Mabel absentmindedly tugged at one of her ears.

"He blew a dog whistle. Without any kind of warning."

"CIPHER?!" Dipper’s voice almost squeaked. "They sent you to him first?!" He looked his sister over again, worried. "Ugh, the dog whistle thing sounds just like him… First time he got me, he shoved catnip in my face," he grumbled. He REALLY didn’t like the idea of his sister being experimented on in the lab…

He took her hand. “Come on, I’ll show you where we’re staying…”

She’d have to find out just how bad this place was eventually… He was hesitant to go into the details with her, though. He didn’t want to freak her out, or ruin her day…

"We gotta go to the labs once a month… it sucks, but you get in trouble if you don’t…" he said, chewing his lip a bit. "But… Hey! At least you won’t have to worry about it again for another month! So there’s that!" He wasn’t very good at the whole optimism thing, but he really tried, for her sake. "And some of the monsters here are pretty nice!"

He led her out of the forested area, through an area full of old broken down houses and trailers.

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Mabel’s instincts had taken over and she’d found herself running through the refuge, her nose catching the scent of a squirrel nearby. She almost had it, she almost—

The squirrel took off and she was about to go after it when a familiar voice called her name. Mabel tilted her head to one side before turning around. She glanced up ahead, spotting the werecat. Dipper? DIPPER. Excited, the girl crouched back down on all fours and rushed toward her brother.

Once she was close enough(directly in front of him), she stood on her hind legs and smiled widely. “Dipper, hey! Oh…you don’t…look too happy to see me.” Her ears pinned back a little, “Well…this happened to me not too long ago. I became a werewolf, and mom and dad got scared and sent me here. Of course, they didn’t say they were sending me here…they lied and said I was going to some amusement park.”

She shrugged her shoulders. “What are the odds, huh? I had no idea this would happen! But at least we’re together again, right?”

"Why would they say that?" Dipper just looked even more concerned now. Did they really think that Mabel wouldn’t be able to handle the truth? They hadn’t lied to him… "And- How did you change?! You weren’t bitten, were you?" He took one of her arms, pulling up the sweater sleeve and inspecting it. His ears flipped back and his tail flicked in nervous agitation. She didn’t look wounded, though it was hard to tell from all the fur. Really, she did look further transformed than he did. Was she unable to change back further than this…?

He let go of her arm. “I’m happy to see you! But… Man, I’m sorry you had to end up here too…” He rubbed at his neck, sucking his breath in through his teeth. “Did they take you to see Stan yet? He’s our great uncle, so you’re probably gonna be staying with us…”

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Dipper waited in the bushes, his tail swishing back and forth. His yellow eyes were trained on a squirrel, the unaware creature sitting only a short distance away and chewing on an acorn. The werecat’s fluffy ears twitched, listening to the tiny crunching of the squirrel’s fangs. His claws dug into the dirt, sweat beading up on his forehead.

This time… This time, he would do it.

He didn’t want to, but he was hungry… Werecreatures needed more food than humans, and his rations had been cut due to misbehavior. As much as he’d tried to avoid it, he knew he couldn’t just keep mooching off of others’ kills… If he was going to survive here, he’d have to learn to hunt eventually.

The squirrel’s bushy tail twitched and it lifted its head, its little ears perked up. Dipper froze. Crap, had he hesitated too long? Afraid of losing his chance, he lunged from the bushes, completely unprepared. It was too late, though, the squirrel darted up the nearest tree, scared off by someone else. Dipper growled and pounded at the ground with his fist, getting to his feet and looking around. Who the heck ruined his perfect chance to-

"…Mabel?" He almost whispered in disbelief. It was definitely her! …Though, a little hairier than he remembered. His eyebrows scrunched down in concern. "What- What are you doing here?! What happened?!"

Arrival at the Refuge


It was a good thing there weren’t any other were-cats here, but Stan knew that could change any day.  Given that the refuge apparently had a new policy of sending were-creatures directly to the feral area, Stan had better make sure Dipper could fight for himself if that unlikely situation arose.  Not that Dipper didn’t have enough to worry about inside this so called refuge…

It was only a paragraph.  Very stingy information about what was going on with his grand nephew.  He had to assume that Dipper had no different weaknesses than other therianthropes, and that he would have difficulty control himself on the full moon as well.  However there was a blurb on the therianthrope page about some subjects with strong willpower learning to control themselves under the rays of the full moon…interesting.

Sensitive ears picked up the sound of the kid’s feet pattering on the cave floor, and Stan shoved the book back onto the shelf.  He stuck his head out of the cave he was in and observed the distressed boy come running in.  Dipper was still bleeding and it looked like he hadn’t managed to wash his wounds at all.  Stan recognized a shadow on his face- he saw that Dipper was ready to give up.

Maybe Stan was being too hard on him. Every once in a while, it was good to have something soft to land on before rock bottom hit.


A few minutes later, there was a knock on the wall outside Dipper’s cave.  Stan poked his head in “Rise and shine, Kitty-Dip!”  He strolled into the room like he owned the place instead of it being just his overly furnished prison cell.  He had with him a bucket of warm, sterile spring water which he set on the floor.  “Come on kid, wash up!”  He growled “I’m not gonna have you getting your kitten blood all over my furniture!” 

There was also a sealed bandage in the crook of his wing.  It wasn’t much- Dr. Madan had given it to him when he had been bitten by that damned manticore.  Of all the doctors here, Madan was probably the best.  The only guy who seemed to really give a damn about the monsters here without asking for something in return.

"Come on, let me see those scratches.  Hell, yeah!"  He exclaimed, "What did you do, try to climb the silver barbed wire?  Well!  You do have fight in ya, don’cha?”  And for a moment, the dragon was brimming with pride.

Dipper was just pretty much about to give up… As far as he knew, he’d never see the outside of Gravity Falls again, let alone his home… He was surrounded by monsters far more dangerous than he was, he was treated like a prisoner even though he hadn’t hurt anyone, he was stuck with painful transformations every month for the rest of his life…  He looked up from his pillow at his hands, flexing his fingers a little and wincing, hissing quietly under his breath.

He was about to hug the pillow closer to himself and bury his face in it when Stan suddenly burst in, making the werecat jump, his tail puffing up. He frowned at the kitty comment. Did he really just burst in here for the sake of more mockery? Before he could say anything in response, however, Stan had placed the bucket down for him to wash his hands, and unfolded his wing to reveal some fresh bandages.

The werecat scooted to the edge of his bed, raising his eyebrows as he glanced from the pail of water to the old dragon. “Uh… thanks,” he said quietly, his voice still a little rough from his screaming earlier. He moved over to kneel by the pail, taking off his old, dirty bandages, revealing the wounds to the dragon. He winced again as the warm water met the cuts and burns, but it the pain faded quickly. And honestly, Stan’s change of tone actually did cheer him up a little. “Heh… Yeah, I kinda tried to pull the gates back open…” he admitted. Climbing might’ve been involved too, he was so mad that he blacked out a little bit.

Once he’d gotten his fresh bandages on, he was pretty much ready to pass out for the night… It wasn’t even completely dark outside, the sun starting to set when he’d ran back into the cave, but the young werecat was exhausted after the long trip here, and everything that happened after he arrived. He sat back, blinking and rubbing at his eyes. “I… think I should get some sleep,” he said, finally.

A quick goodnight later, the boy climbed back onto the oversized bed, kicking off his shoes and sliding under the covers. He was asleep in minutes…

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werecatdipper sent: "Hey man! Came to return that giant eyeball cloud monster movie you lent me- Heh, sorry I didn't sooner, I- .... Norman? ... You, uh, you okay man?"


"Thank you Dipper. I have no remorse for the lateness in which you returned it to me.

                              All hardware and software are functioning at optimum efficiency.”

"Whoa, uh…" Dipper glanced around, "Summerween’s over and it’s a little early for Halloween, dude… Heh, hey, is there a convention going on you didn’t tell me about?"