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Anonymous sent: M!A you are now 3 inches tall for 3 days!

*He shrinks down, thankfully his clothes shrink with him.*

…. *he looks around, surprised at first, though it quickly becomes an expression of annoyance* … And now I’m stranded on a chair. Great.


"Some were a bit harder than others, as you can tell. Or, not tell, I guess." He stated, smiling a bit, watching as the other flipped through the pages happily.

"It’s kinda hard to get ghosts on camera, even for someone like me, but luckily, it’s a lot easier to get them to show up when you have the ability to ask their permission, heh." He explained, stuffing his hands into the front of his jacket’s pocket.

"I probably could’ve gotten more, but some ghosts really don’t like the idea of being  captured by a camera, so I had to leave them be."

"Heh, yeah… I’m sure some were from a time where they thought it captured souls, so…" The werecat replied with a small grin and a shrug. "But hey, thanks! This is pretty damn cool." Dipper flipped through it again before tucking it in the pocket of his jacket. He rubbed the side of his neck. "So, uh… What brings you back here, of all places?" He asked a little quietly.

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Celeste was a bit shocked at Dipper’s response. “I thought you wanted to be human again? It was implied at the very least…” She looked back up at Dawn. “If he’s doing it, I’M doing it.” she smiled a bit at Dipper. “Excellent. Be prepared for potential unforeseen testing opportunities.” Dawn said, putting extra venom into the last word of her statement. The needles shot into Celeste and Dipper’s necks, prompting a grimace and squeak from the former, who was still getting over her bullet pain. Patches of black flooded her vision as she passed out on the cold metal floor of the Central AI chamber.

He shook his head a little in response. Sure, he did want to be human again, but now was not a good time for it… Maybe he’d have another chance eventually. He flinched and yelped, not expecting the sudden jab, as distracted as he was. A coldness swept over him, followed by a burning, and a strange… almost a rush, of sorts. Almost instantly he recognized the feeling; it was the same as when he was bitten. It was almost like any energy he had just drained from him right afterward, and his eyes rolled up in his head as he collapsed, similarly unconscious.

When he opened his eyes, a strangely normal-looking ceiling blurred into view. He blinked, doing his best to sluggishly drag himself up off the floor. It looked like a normal room; well… more like a hotel room. It was tidy and there didn’t seem to be any belongings in here… Just framed pictures on the wall. It took him a moment, but it hit him- He was in one of those room box thingies from the beginning of the second game! He hadn’t seen much of the game outside of the multiplayer mode, but this part he definitely remembered. Was this some kind of joke? “Celeste?” He called nervously, turning around to see if she was nearby.


"K-Kitchen." He said in a small yelp, clinging to the back of the others slightly-to-big-for-him shirt. He would not let go of the other that was a fact, if Dipper wanted that flash light he’d have to drag the wolf with him. "B-By the microwave I think…" He added knowing Dipper was going to try and find it.

Dipper grunted as he tried to get up, but it was a little difficult when he was practically laying on his back still, and had a terrified wolf boy clinging to him. Somehow he managed to, though, and he kept an arm around Norman’s shoulders to try to comfort him. “Okay… okay, we’re just gonna go get it then…” Since he had the better night vision of the two, he did his best to safely navigate them to the kitchen. Alas, he couldn’t see anything next to the microwave… “Is it in the drawer?” he asked, though he was already digging through it before Norman could answer. Finally, he found it, a big hefty flashlight. He clicked the button, and thankfully it wasn’t out of juice. He let out a small breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding; After all, storms like this weren’t exactly calming for him either.

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Anonymous sent: ☠ You're able to become a feral beast who can kill anything that ticks it off. I've always been afraid of you because of that.

Hey- it’s not that I want to do that!! And besides, I should be fine outside of the full moon…

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gravityfallsceleste sent: ☠ To heck with anons. Anon confessions are for COWARDS! (Anon pranks are for ninjas.) You're so popular across the GFcommunity and I don't want to screw up and look bad and I don't want to come off as rude or impatient or a terrible person to any of you guys. :)

((Aw hey, don’t worry about it. uwu As far as I can tell this fandom’s full of cool people and pretty chill in general. Except for when we freak out over OMG MYSTERIES but that just makes us fun hahaha))

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If you find me to be INTIMIDATING in any way, anonymously send along ☠ with the reasons why.

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((hhhh really sorry for the lack of activity the past couple days guys ;w; This paper has not been easy to write at all… I still have a single-spaced page and a half left to go, but it’s gotten really hard trying to think of more stuff to fill up space…

I’m trying to forget the fact that I also have 30 seconds of animation due tomorrow and so far I have twooooooo… seconds. :D ;;;


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souzouwriter sent: DUDE I just read ALL of the blog in 3 days! Ive been following u for a little while but I wanted to start from the beginning.

((Whoa!! Seriously? O_o I have well over 2000 posts! That’s crazy-flattering dude sdfgh Thank you! I’m glad you liked it! .w. <33 ))

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Anonymous sent: Don't worry man, you can get through this! SUPPORT! Feel better soon.

((thanks anon .w. <3 ugh yeah i just need to get this stuff done… Hopefully the PE teacher will be forgiving with homework deadlines, heh;; ))

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((…in my defense i really haven’t been feeling well and i highly doubt running a mile would help much))

((guys… i think i’m gonna have to do it

i’m gonna have to skip PE class tomorrow if i have any hope of getting this essay done, AND meet my animation deadline

so shame .n. ))

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Anonymous sent: *troll face* YOU LIKE NORMAN, DON'T YOU, DIPPER?

Huh? Yeah, he’s my friend! What’s not to like?

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PSA for Roleplayers


If you follow me and then I follow you back, then that means I want to RP with you~

If I follow you in general, then chances are I want to RP with you but I’m a shy lil’ shit to ask you if you’d like to RP

So that means we should RP together sometime~ *aggressively winking and nudging*

And even if I don’t follow you but you follow me and want to RP with me, you can always ask me for an RP or to plan a thread out. I don’t bite, unless it’s requested ;)

Anonymous sent: Whoah, you have been doing so many RPs lately... I LIKE IT!

((Oh, thanks anon! .w. You can thank all my awesome rp partners for that tho hehe /)//w//(\ ))