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Man, Dips, this is… I’m really worried about you. I don’t want you to get hurt at all, and I especially don’t want these guys to go after you or tell other people that you’re around here. As much as I hate the fact that the first hunters you met hurt you that badly, I actually hope these guys are the same. The less jerks who know about you, the better.

I don’t blame you for wanting to stay up there. You know, you’re free to come hang out at my place any time you like. I live a lot closer to other people than you do, and if those guys are smart, they won’t try to start anything when actually in town. You can bring Mabel, too. It’s not like we don’t have a lot of room in this house. Too much room…

Yeah… I’m not sure if Mabel and I could sneak back down unnoticed, though. Then again, I could probably climb down the side of the building… Either way, I’ll see if we could make it there. Right now I’m just trying to see when they’re going to leave, I don’t wanna risk either of us being spotted.

You don’t think there’s anyone who would’ve called them, do you? …Have I really caused that much trouble?

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"You’ve gotten out of tight spots, before. You’re still here." Mabel murmured, reaching out for his hand. It was an instinct, her wanting to grab him. To make sure he was okay. Alive. Not that she’d tell him that.

The brunette gave him a worried look, “I’m not gonna let anything happen. I’m here, and not back in Piedmont at the moment, so I can actually do something and help.

The contact did help bring him back down to earth a bit, and his shoulders visibly relaxed just a bit. He looked up from the dirty, uneven roof shingles, turning his head to look at her. He placed his hand on top of hers, offering her a grateful smile. “Thanks, Mabel… It’s great to have you back.”

Oh man, Dips. Can’t he..I don’t know, isn’t there some safe place you can hide out at? I don’t think the roof isn’t safest. -I wish I over there-

Right now I’m sitting up here on the roof until they leave. Does that count for anything…?


In a matter of minutes, Mabel was on the roof. She moved and took a seat beside her brother, who…seemed to be in a bit of a panic. She lowered her voice to a dull whisper.

"Dipper…? Everything’s gonna be okay! Okay? I’m sure it’s not you they’re after. And…if it is, Stan won’t let them take you. He’ll protect you as best he can, and…" She lowered her head. "I’ll try to, too."

"Who else could they be after?" Dipper groaned, "The one that bit me is long gone… And I’ve eaten livestock before on the full moon, for crying out loud. That could’ve been a motive to hire those guys!"

He hugged his arms around himself, chewing his lip. “I know… I know you guys will stand in their way, but… this isn’t the first time hunters have been in town!” He gripped his knees with his hands, taking a deep breath and letting it out. It seemed to help him a little bit, even though his tail was still thrashing with anxiety. “Is stuff like this just gonna keep happening…?”


Mr Pines can definitely show them how fake things are. The only people who really believe in the displays are tourists, and even then, I’m pretty sure they’re just playing along with…

Wait, what? They… WHAT?!

Ugh, what is WRONG with these people? Seriously, just… I wish I could have gotten a chance to hurt them myself. I mean, that’s… what kind of horrible person would think that was okay? 

I know I can’t really do much at all, but… but if I ever catch these hunters doing something that would make people run them out of town, I promise I’ll take a pic or video and make it go viral.

They were really more like poachers than anything. I still have a scar from the silver blade they jabbed at me…

I don’t know if these guys are the same or not, but I really hope they’re not. Even if they are hunters, I hope they aren’t looking for werecreatures just to make a quick buck.

…Oh right, I didn’t tell you. Apparently they’re specifically after a werecreature, from what Mabel overheard.

I am definitely not leaving this roof.

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Dipper, oh man are you okay?! Where’s your Grunkle, does he know? Please be careful. (( Whoa! Ricky goes right into protective mode))

He knows I’m cursed… and he could probably tell these guys are hunters. Right now according to Mabel, he’s talking with them, and… and they’re looking for a werecreature, apparently.

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[TXT] Okay! Comin’ up.

[TXT] Er…I’m not sure. Grunkle Stan caught me trying to eavesdrop. I mean, I got part of what they were talking about. …they were definitely talking about a were creature.

[TXT] Oh man…

Dipper’s blood ran cold for a moment. They were looking for a werecreature. Why?? What were they planning to do when they found one? Was it a specific one??

…Was it him?

He breathed and dragged his fingers through his hair, trying to keep panic from overtaking him. Maybe they didn’t know. Maybe they were just asking Stan if he’d seen anything…


Really? Huh, that’s a lot nicer than my roof. 

Well, I’m not sure if it helps much, but I definitely haven’t seen these hunters around town. Maybe they’re just traveling hunters who are trying to explore all the touristy spots across the US and they’ll leave when they figure out everything most people see is fake… at least, I hope so.

I really hope you’re right.

Stan’s been talking to them for a while apparently… I hope that by the time he’s done, they’ll be convinced that absolutely everything here’s fake.

I can’t believe I’m saying that… Just- Gah, hunters are bad news. The last ones tried to kill me to harvest body parts!

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Whoa, Mr. Dipper, are you okay on the roof? I can’t come up there, I’m scared of heights..!

I- I’m fine! Just don’t let them see you talking to me, it’ll blow my cover!;

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[TXT] Dipper, I’m really worried.

[TXT] They’re still talking to Grunkle Stan.

[TXT] Can’t I come up there with you? I won’t get caught.

[TXT] Yeah! If you’re sure they can’t see you then that’d be great.

[TXT] I don’t even know if they’ve figured me out or whatever but I don’t wanna take any chances

[TXT] Do you know what they’re talking about…?



Oh man- the strangers stopped by the Shack today. They’re definitely hunters- guys, they totally had silver on them! I don’t know if they could tell I wasn’t human, but it really seemed like they kept looking at me.

…So… Yeah. I’m probably going to be hanging out here, on the roof… For a while. Until I see them leave.

Woah, seriously? That’s… sorry, Dips. At least the roof is comfortable, though, right? I mean, you’ve got a pretty nice view of things.

Now I want to know how hunters found out about this place. I mean, they’re not with the government, right? 

There’s lawn chairs up here, and a cooler… It’s comfortable enough. Just- I don’t know what those guys want, or if they’re working for someone. I didn’t stick around long enough to listen in… I almost wish I did, though. The lack of information really isn’t helping…

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Oh man- the strangers stopped by the Shack today. They’re definitely hunters- guys, they totally had silver on them! I don’t know if they could tell I wasn’t human, but it really seemed like they kept looking at me.

…So… Yeah. I’m probably going to be hanging out here, on the roof… For a while. Until I see them leave.

((So is vending machine shaming a thing now?))
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((So is vending machine shaming a thing now?))

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The anon might’ve been right… There’s strangers in town I haven’t noticed before. Not sure if they’re hunters yet, but they don’t look friendly…